Quite a number of good courses are available that those who got a D- and above in KCSE can pursue.


Most of them are technical courses which are very marketable and with a lot of opportunities for growth.Here is a list of the best marketable D plain courses in Kenya.

1. Certificate course in Electrical Installation


This course is highly rewarding field of study that equips one with practical skills to either be employed or be self-employed or undertake electrical wiring jobs which are readily available.

2. Certificate course in Pastry and Bakery


The course revolves around hospitality. The course equips one with the necessary skills to work in the hospitality industry as a baker or pastry chef.

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3. Certificate course in Building Technology


It is marketable course for anyone wishing to have a successful career in the lucrative construction industry in the country. With the course, you can scale heights and work as a contractor, construction supervisor or foreman.


 4. Certificate course in Catering & Accommodation


This is broad field of study that equips one with skills to work in the rich hospitality industry. You can work as a caterer, chef, events organiser, accommodation supervisor or manager… etc.

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5. Certificate course in Motor Vehicle Mechanics


It is a very marketable course that equips one with the skills to work as a motor vehicle mechanic. With the course, one can repair any type of vehicle. The course is offered in all TVETs located in different parts of the country.








6. Certificate in Security Management


It is a suitable course for those wishing to work in the security sector. It is quite marketable especially if you have undergone other security-related training before, for example, training as a security guard. With the course, you can land bigger roles as a security supervisor or manager.

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  7. Certificate course in Welding and Fabrication


This opens a lot of opportunities, especially for self-employment in the welding and fabrication sector. You can opt to open a workshop or offer your services elsewhere whenever your services are needed.








8. Certificate in Plumbing








It is a lucrative field of study with the right plumbing skills, you can be assured of a steady flow of plumbing jobs anywhere in the country.




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