In our country Kenya, there are several businesses that have been underrated for a long time now, yet they can earn someone enough cash.














Alot of people have ignored these businesses, simply because they lack enough ideas showing how profitable they are.











The worst thing about most Kenyans is that they usually rush into businesses that are already crowded by masses of people, and in the process leaving good and potential nice businesses to few people.











Most of these people who have ventured into the underrated businesses usually don’t reveal to the rest how profitable they are, they enjoy and harvest silently.







A friend of mine, name withheld used to despise his close colleague when he realized he was a blogger, not knowing that his monthly salary was equivalent to what the friend was making in a single day.














Blogging is one of the most underrated yet very profitable. One needs a starting capital of less than 20,000 to create a blog of his/her own.











For one to start, you only need to visit Bluehost company or web hosting Kenya and they’ll help you and guide you to buy a domain name if your choice. An example of a website is

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Bloggers normally earn cash from platforms such as AdSense and MGID.








Some also generate a lot of cash via sponsored articles together with banner advertisements on their websites.
















Commencing the business needs capital in excess of a million shillings but returns are guaranteed to be good.











I know some few guys generating over a million shillings monthly out of garbage collection business.














The only hurdle in this business is just  getting your first client, but if one has enough patience, clients will come eventually, pushing your business to greater heights.













At some point, back then, I had a little chat with some friends I know selling bananas, watermelon and pinneaples in the streets.











I wanted to inquire more about how much they earn from the business. I was left in utter awe and disbelief upon learning that they make lots of cash daily.











A nice ripe pineapple goes at ksh. 50,they cut it into pieces and resell, making about 200 shillings per pinneaple.






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A melon costing ksh. 70 ends up generating 200 shillings. Bananas also fetch good cash. Underrating people selling these foodstuffs on the streets is a big mistake.













Kenyans are always scared, they usually don’t like to be associated with the morgue business, yet it’s one of the profitable businesses.














The business is highly fetching since mortality cases are ion the rise each and every day.








Build enough courage and buy land to build a morgue and you’ll thank me later.













Car towing business happens to be another highly underrated business by people.








Some friends of mine ventured into this business and within a short period of time, I have watched them growing from grass to grace.











Get some cash, but an old strong vehicle or an old land rover, do little adjustments to improve its power, then now position it strategically where accidents are common.














Charges will be ranging between ksh. 3000 and ksh. 30000 to tow a single vehicle.













MItumba bale business is a highly profitable business yet very underrated. You only need to import mitumba bales and sell it to retailers at a profit.

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Selling bales is more profitable than even selling the clothes. If you pay  Gikomba market a visit, you’ll get few people selling bales, those guys are very rich.













Scrap metals are known not to be valued by many people. Many people think the business is only for those who didn’t go to school.














If you wish to become rich , try starting this business and it will fetch you more than 100,000 monthly.













Space is what is needed where vehicles to be repaired will be parked. The business may make you dirty but you’ll generate good cash.











A garage that is busy can generate between 10000 and 100,000 daily.
















You should give a try welding and fabrication business.











Demand for this type of job is very high as people these days prefer juakali chairs, windows, gates and doors to manufactured ones as they are stronger. Never underate this business, it’s highly profitable.

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