The joy of a business person is to have a business which generates constant profits without much struggles.



Finding this type of business will require enough consultation and research from other business owners of the same kind.



An example of a good small type of business is a butchery.


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A butchery is a place where meat is sold. It might be meat from chicken, meat from cow, sheep or goat.



A successful butchery business will depend on how good the location of the business is. You should locate your butcher in an area where it will be easy to access meat ie from the slaughter.

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It should also be in an area where there are many people to provide market for the product. You can locate it around bars and restaurants.


A kg of meat sold in most places countrywide generate a profit of between 45 to 50 shillings. If you do your business well by adding nyama choma or cooked meat you should be able to sell more than 25kgs if meat in a day which will generate about 1000kes profit.

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More profitable businesses will be updated shortly by our media team. Keep checking the page for more  updates .

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