According to sources close to the teachers’ service commission, TSC, and the government, the teacher trainers who participated in the Competency-based curriculum, CBC, which finished on Friday, May 13 will be reimbursed their transportation reimbursements on the following dates.


The disgruntled teachers left various marking centers without knowing when their travel expenses would be refunded. However, they were told that they would be paid Ksh. 400 per day for the four days.


However, the trainers of trainers of trainers anticipate a total of ksh. 3,500 per day for four days. Ksh. 1000 will cover bundles, another Ksh. 1000 will cover transportation costs, and Ksh. 1,500 will cover facilitation fees.

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What bothered the trainers even more was the fact that the trainers of trainers, who had attended their training a week before the trainers, had not been paid.

Teachers we spoke with a few minutes after the event questioned why the TSC and ministry felt compelled to rush the idea of CBC training when they knew they wouldn’t be able to pay the trainees.

“Is a payment of Ksh. 400 worth it after three months?” The money they give us is little in comparison to the time and travel expenses we incurred throughout the training, and it can’t even be paid on time. “How can they expect us to implement the CBC on time if they aren’t on time themselves?” an irate teacher wondered.

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However, TSC and ministry of education officials told us that they are still collecting information on trainers and trainers of trainers for their databases. Before implementing the pay, they must gather all of the names of the trainers and trainers of trainers, as well as their phone numbers, from various sub counties.

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“Before we can pay the participants, we need to have the names of all the trainers and trainers of trainers from the TSC sub county offices.” We want to pay them all at once via bulk SMS, which is impossible if the lists are incomplete or if certain names are missing. I can tell the teachers that their dues will be paid by the end of the year.



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